questions about pricing

How much do you charge?

For plumbing work I charge £50 for the first hour and then £35 for each additional hour. For example: a job that needs two hours to complete would be charged at £85 + the cost of parts. (refer to pricing page for more details).

Do you charge a call out fee?

No. There is no call out fee. I also provide free quotes.

Do you charge extra for working evenings and weekends?

The same rate applies up to 8pm weekdays and 4pm weekends. Anything after these times will be charged at twice the standard rate.

How do you work out the price of the parts required for the job?

The cost of parts needed for the job will be worked out at cost + 10%. For example: if the part cost me £10 to buy you will be charged £11 for it. I do only supply good quality parts as I see cheap parts as a false economy. For example: you can get a toilet valve these days for as little as £3 but I would always strongly recommend fitting a quality £10 one!

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, card, or bank transfer.

Will I be charged extra for paying by card?

No. There is no additional charge for paying by debit or credit card.

questions about gas work

Are you registered to do gas work?

Yes. I am Gas Safe Registered (Registration No. 591566). Qualified to work on gas cookers, fires, boilers, and associated gas pipework.

Do you issue a certificate for the gas work you carry out?

I always issue a certificate when I carry out an appliance service, landlord safety check and any gas installation work. If it is small gas work such as capping a gas pipe then a certificate isn't necessary. However, if you requested a safety certificate in these instances I am happy to complete one at no extra cost.

Will you notify my gas work to Gas Safe Register?

New gas boiler or gas fire installation will be notified with Gas Safe Register. Subsequently they will then send you a certificate of compliance. Gas cooker installation and any service or repair work does not need notifying.

Would you fit my second-hand gas appliance?

In most instances I will not fit a second-hand or used gas appliance. The exception is gas cookers as I appreciate that people very often take their gas cooker with them when they move home. If a used gas cooker is to be installed then a copy of the manufacturer's instructions are needed (can often be downloaded), and of course it will need to be in full and safe working order.

Can I fit my own gas appliance and then get you to check it?

NO. You must use a Gas Safe Registered installer to carry out any gas related work.

Do you repair gas appliances?

This is a bit of a mixed response - yes and no! Some Gas Safe engineers specialise in just gas boiler repair and nothing else. These ideally should be your first port of call. However, I do have the required skills and knowledge and have fixed boilers/fires in the past. It's just not my specialism.

other questions

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. I have £1 million of Public Liability Insurance cover.

Can I buy my own parts for you to fit?

Yes this is fine with me. However, I would urge customers to buy quality, branded products whenever possible.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. All my work comes with a 12 month guarantee. In the unlikely event that a problem arises due to installation, then simply get in touch and I will put it right.

Why do you focus mainly on smaller plumbing and gas jobs?

I find that doing smaller jobs fits around my family commitments. As my wife works office hours, I am needed to drop my three young lads off at school at 8.45am and collect them again at 3.15pm. So during term time I fit my jobs around this. 

What hours do you work?

As mentioned above, I work around family commitments. I am available to work between 9.30am and 3pm. I also work during the evening and at weekends. For larger jobs i.e. boiler installation, these times can be extended.

some recent questions

Do you replace electric showers?

Yes I do. For more information please read my BLOG:

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Can I change my lever flush to a push button flush?

Yes you can (in most instances). Please refer to my BLOG:

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If you have a different question about my services or just want some plumbing advice then please get in touch.