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Special Offer 1 - toilet overhaul

Is your toilet getting on a bit?

toilet repairs in Derby


Does your toilet:

  • have an annoying drip?
  • no longer flush properly?
  • take ages to refill?
  • leak from the overflow?

Here's the deal:

toilet repairs in Derby

Rather than just replacing one component of your toilet I will replace all the working components of your toilet cistern. This will give you peace of mind and will save you money in the long run.

The offer includes the following:

toilet repair in Derby

  • a new ball valve or fill valve
  • a new syphon or drop valve
  • a new donut washer and backplate (close coupled toilets only)
  • a new flush cone (high or low level toilets only)


low cost plumbing in Derby

note: if your toilet is a 'back to wall' style then this offer is available for £100 as replacing the components would involve removing the whole toilet to gain access.

Special Offer 2 - multi gas service

Do you have more than one gas appliance in your home?

gas boiler service

gas fire service

Here's the deal:

Gas Safe

Get more than one gas appliance serviced during a single visit and receive a discount.

The savings:

  • one appliance serviced = £65
  • two appliances serviced = £120
  • three appliances serviced = £160

Take advantage of this great offer and make sure all your gas appliances are safe.

low cost gas servicing

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