Gas Safe Registered

Qualified and Registered to work on domestic gas boilers, fires and cookers (registration number 591566)

your gas questions answered

Are you registered to do gas work?

Yes. I am Gas Safe Registered (Registration No. 591566). Qualified to work on gas cookers, fires, boilers, and associated gas pipework.

How much do you charge to service a gas boiler or fire?

Servicing a gas boiler or fire is charged at £65 per appliance. If you have more than one appliance that need servicing during the same visit then it would be £110 for two appliances and £150 for three appliances.

How much do you charge for a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

To carry out a Landlord Gas Safety check is £45 for one appliance and £15 for each additional appliance at the same property.

Do you issue a certificate for the gas work you carry out?

I always issue a certificate when I carry out an appliance service, landlord safety check and any gas installation work. If it is small gas work such as capping a gas pipe then a certificate isn't necessary. However, if you requested a safety certificate in these instances I am happy to complete one at no extra cost.

Will you notify my gas work to Gas Safe Register?

New gas boiler or gas fire installation will be notified with Gas Safe Register. Subsequently they will then send you a certificate of compliance. Gas cooker installation and any service or repair work does not need notifying.

Would you fit my second-hand gas appliance?

In most instances I will not fit a second-hand or used gas appliance. Gas cookers are an exception (see section below on cookers).

Can I fit my own gas appliance and then get you to check it?

NO. You must use a Gas Safe Registered installer to carry out any gas related work.

Do you repair gas boilers and fires?

Yes I do fix gas boilers and fires.

Can I re-use the gas hose from my old cooker?

Cooker hoses are manufactured to last the average lifetime of a gas cooker. When I install a new gas cooker I always fit it with a new gas hose. 

Do you install second-hand gas cookers?

I appreciate that people very often take their gas cooker with them when they move home. If a used gas cooker is to be installed then a copy of the manufacturer's instructions are needed (can often be downloaded), and of course it will need to be in full and safe working order. 

Does my new gas cooker installation need notifying to Gas Safe?

No gas cookers don't need notifying to Gas Safe. However it is worth registering your new appliance with the manufacturer for warranty purposes.

Do I need a gas safety certificate for my new cooker installation?

If you are the property owner and occupant then you do not legally need a gas safety certificate. However, I always issue an appliance gas safety certificate on my installs.

If the property is rented by a tenant then a gas safety certificate (CP12) is a legal requirement to ensure that the appliance has been installed in accordance with the Gas Safety Regulations.

Do you repair gas cookers/hobs/ovens?

No I do not carry out repairs on cooking appliances.

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